How To Get Change Right in a Complex World

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Feeling overwhelmed by changes in a complex world? I’m dedicated to help people making sense of what is going on, and to enhance their skills in multi-perspective decision-making. Obstacles and challenges become Opportunities. Let’s Co-create a Thriving Future!

Victor MacGill

Founder of the SPIRAL Method, Owner of Get Change Right

Top #10 questions asked by executives and managers

  1. How to prepare for uncertainty?
  2. What is change really about?
  3. How do I get the courage to show myself fully and be myself?
  4. What happens when things are not working as expected?
  5. What drives human behaviour?
  6. How can we fulfull our potential?
  7. How does the world really work?
  8. How can we make smarter, sustainable decisions?
  9. How to deal with the subtle violence in our organisation?
  10. How to enhance our people’s engagement and autonomy?

Do you recognise one or more of these questions too?

The complexity of our modern times will give answers in a complex, non-linear way. With my research and programmes, I look forward to helping you and your peers and staff to find the answers to your most burning question.

#3 Programmes Leading to a Thriving Future

Learning Collective Leadership

The benefit of seeing things from different perspectives makes a huge difference. Bringing people together who share this experience broadens the understanding of what leadership truly is, and makes space for the emerging authority of each individual, in the context of a larger whole.

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Get Change Right

Having learned advanced skills, it’s easier to make sense of changes, uncertainty and complexity. It feels like finding the essential key to success.

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Co-creating Thriving Futures

Working as one team, the journey of exploring future scenarios and collective decision-making begins. With one voice leading from the emerging future.

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#3 Ways to Start Reading


Your questions about change, human behaviour, complexity, decision making, conflict, and how to create a better future, are my inspiration and my drive to write articles for you. My blog articles are a mix of inspiration, practical tips and insights gained by knowledge. Regularly you’ll find free handy cheat sheets and templates in my articles. Start with reading Why Change is Hard.


Fairy stories, myths and legends have within their simplicity deep messages that reveal great truths about our lives and journeys as human beings. Characters and archetypes will lead you to being yourself and to a rich and meaningful life. I also wrote a book about a complexity perspective on human evolution from a violent past to a compassionate future to create a better world.


My articles, presentations, workshops and programmes are based on solid research. In 2017 I finished a PhD in Complexity and Future Studies, revealing if leaderless organisations lead to less structural violence and what skills people need for better decision-making and acting in a complex world. Studying complexity, chaos and futures gives me a lot of insights in human behaviour and how social life at home and in the office works.

Tips to Make Sense of Changes, Challenges and Complexity




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Research-based approach

My research focuses on Complex Systems and Future Studies, understanding the deeper drives of human behaviour and how the world works in society, organisations and culture.

24/7 online and offline

I understand that you are busy and at the same time it’s my mission that 100.000 people all over the world create a thriving future. So I offer online courses as well. Programmes can be tailor-made.

Value for Your Money

I belief in delivering high-value for all my customers, from individuals to bigger companies. I invest my time and money in continuous research to offer you the best and latest insights and methods.

Tips to Make Sense of Changes, Challenges and Complexity





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